Chinese Shredded and Roasted Duck

Shredded Duck roasted in Chinese way is an amazing dish to eat as well as cook. I really love the aroma when it cooks. Just watching it cook is an experience in itself. You will feel hungry.

Chinese Shredded and Roasted Duck

Ingredients: One full duck, three pods of garlic, 25 gm root ginger, 250 gm onions, 150 gm spring onions, green chilli 20 gm, 1 table-spoon sesame oil, 2 teaspoon of Chinese five spice, vinegar and 500 ml water.

The method : Peel and chop the garlic into small pieces. Also half chop the green chilli. Chop the onions into very small pieces. Cut the Spring onions into long pieces, make sure to retain the green part.

Add all the chopped pieces and add one tea-spoon of Chinese five spice and vinegar. Let it season for 30 minutes. Take the duck and shred it with the help of kitchen knife and fork. You can also get it shredded when you buy it. Soak it in the vinegar and 1 tea-spoon of Chinese five spices for 30 minutes as well.

Heat your oven to 120 degrees. Take a large glass bowl and add the seasoned mix of veggies and add the sesame oil.Put it in the oven for 15 minutes. Then let the oven cool. Set the temperature now at 60 degrees. Add the seasoned duck on top and add water to touch half of duck. Put it in the oven and let it cook for five hours.

After five hours take the ingredient out and remove the veggies. Put the shredded chicken again back and cook at highest temperature for 5 minutes. Your shredded Chinese duck is ready. Garnish with some  Coriander leaves for the nice look.


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