Healthy Lunch Recipes with Marvellous Mushrooms

Healthy lunch recipes
I’ve noticed that more and more people, when they choose to eat out at a restaurant, are looking for healthy alternatives, and of course, if we want business, we have to provide what our customers want. People popping into our restaurant during their lunch breaks are looking for healthy lunch recipes that are more vegan based. I’ve done a bit of research and found that edible mushrooms can actually stop tumour growths, so we’re including mushrooms into quite a few of our dishes. You can find them on many of your local supermarket stores. Apart from our fabulous ‘green drinks’ packed full of super foods such as alfalfa and spirulina, our healthy lunch recipes are so awesome, people come from all over. Who wouldn’t want to try our mouth watering vegan Tagliatelle dish mixed with mushrooms and other tasty veg ingredients and then sprinkled with garlic sauce? Let me know of any similar finger-licking healthy recipes you are willing to share.