Down In The Dumps Cake

sheer decadence in every bite. this Indulgence Chocolate Cake is worth all the trouble to make it
chocolate Indulgence Cake recipe by stephylicious

Hi folks hope you all fine out there…me not so much. As I have mentioned in the about me I am expecting my first baby in January and unfortunately I have not been very well this past couple of weeks; my baby lying on my sciatica nerve and causing me a lot of discomfort and pain. Add not sleeping into the mix and well you get the picture. I am off work at the moment, so that doesn’t help my mood as you know I love my job.

In-between doing these exercise ( which are helping) I have spent some of my home time searching out recipes and I now have ( secret for the moment) a board on Pinterest for one I think will go in my book. I have also signed up for an online writing course. Well I got it as a gift from hubby. unfortunately I cannot sit for long, so working at my laptop is out but he decided to get a small loan to get some cash to purchase me a mini iPad. I love it. I have the Apple iPad mini 3 with touch technology – it scanned my fingerprint, feels very James Bond! I know it’s just new tech but I still using a 6-year-old laptop that’s too heavy to go on anyone’s lap!!

Whenever I am in the dumps I bake and nothing is guaranteed to cheer me up more than a Chocolate Indulgence Cake from fellow blogger stephylicious, check out her recipes sometime they are good. The cake is not easy but well worth persevering with husband helped me. Then got some friends round and stuffed ourselves with it, being pregnant has its advantages I had 2 pieces!! Naughty I know but I feel so much better.