My favourite recipes for 30 minute meals


Agonising over a recipe can be a distressing occurrence for many people, as they suddenly have realised they have taken on far too much. For those moments when you want to craft something delicious in the kitchen but are not full of energy, turn to recipes for 30 minute meals. Vegetable oven bakes are a great way to fill yourself up with a good hearty portion of veggies. Roughly cut up a handful of vegetables, oil a wide oven dish, spread the vegetables over the dish and oil them as well, sprinkle coarse sea salt, pepper, oregano and basil over and throw in the oven for about 30 minutes. Sprinkle some grated cheddar in the last five minutes to make this dish even tastier. The internet is host to many different 30 minute meals. Another example of Fast 30 minute meals is a meat and veggie soup. Brown your meat, add water, then add your stock and the vegetables; then enjoy a fast and healthy meal. Thai curries usually don’t take a great deal time to prepare and cook. It will depend on whether you make up your curry paste from scratch or buy a ready-made paste from the supermarket. Brown your meat in a saucepan with a dash of sesame oil, add your paste, and then add the coconut milk; once boiling add your vegetables. You’ll never have to go far to find inspiration and ideas on recipes for 30 minute meals. Jamie Oliver is one step ahead and has already prepared many great recipes that can be made in 30 minutes on his website.


Healthy cottage cheese casserole recipe

Cottage cheese casserole recipe

Looking for a quick, easy and delicious treat? Try cheese and spinach casserole. We all know how simply delicious and versatile cottage cheese on toast is, sprinkled with onion and garlic. Both cottage cheese and spinach are part of a healthy, balanced diet and when you combine the two in a recipe, your taste buds are in for a treat. A cottage cheese casserole recipe is delicious on its own but a spinach and cheese casserole is just that much richer. You don’t require much in it either – just cottage cheese, a couple of eggs, chopped spinach, chopped onion, grated Parmesan cheese and then your spices such as salt, pepper and garlic flakes. This cottage cheese casserole recipe is so easy as ingredients are mixed together in a bowl, and after going into a 350ºF oven, it can be ready in 20 to 30 minutes and with a baked potato and cheese, you’re going to be wishing that you’d made your casserole just that much bigger.

My two favourite olive oil recipes

Olive oil recipes

Olive oil is my favourite oil. Some people wonder: is it safe to cook with olive oil? Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, it is. However, just like with almost every oil, you should not cook it above its smoke point, which is around 190-215°C. You should try to choose extra-virgin olive oil for the recipes I’ve listed here, and remember not to let it smoke!

1) Italian-style bread dip. This is a super-simple recipe that is always a hit as an appetizer. You just fill a flat dish with a 2:1 ratio of olive oil to balsamic vinegar, grind some fresh black pepper over top, (add some hot peppers if you want a kick), and dip small pieces of focaccia bread (or pita bread, or sourdough, or any type of bread) in the mix. Delicious!

2) Spaghetti Aglio Olio. This recipe is also amazingly simple, but oh-so-delicious! Simply cook and drain some of your favourite spaghetti. While it’s cooking, fry some crushed garlic and oil at a low heat. Once the spaghetti is cooked, add it to the pan, toss with fresh black pepper, salt, and some dried oregano, and voilà! Spaghetti Aglio Olio. Do you have any recipes to add?

Down In The Dumps Cake

sheer decadence in every bite. this Indulgence Chocolate Cake is worth all the trouble to make it
chocolate Indulgence Cake recipe by stephylicious

Hi folks hope you all fine out there…me not so much. As I have mentioned in the about me I am expecting my first baby in January and unfortunately I have not been very well this past couple of weeks; my baby lying on my sciatica nerve and causing me a lot of discomfort and pain. Add not sleeping into the mix and well you get the picture. I am off work at the moment, so that doesn’t help my mood as you know I love my job.

In-between doing these exercise ( which are helping) I have spent some of my home time searching out recipes and I now have ( secret for the moment) a board on Pinterest for one I think will go in my book. I have also signed up for an online writing course. Well I got it as a gift from hubby. unfortunately I cannot sit for long, so working at my laptop is out but he decided to get a small loan to get some cash to purchase me a mini iPad. I love it. I have the Apple iPad mini 3 with touch technology – it scanned my fingerprint, feels very James Bond! I know it’s just new tech but I still using a 6-year-old laptop that’s too heavy to go on anyone’s lap!!

Whenever I am in the dumps I bake and nothing is guaranteed to cheer me up more than a Chocolate Indulgence Cake from fellow blogger stephylicious, check out her recipes sometime they are good. The cake is not easy but well worth persevering with husband helped me. Then got some friends round and stuffed ourselves with it, being pregnant has its advantages I had 2 pieces!! Naughty I know but I feel so much better.

Chinese Shredded and Roasted Duck

Shredded Duck roasted in Chinese way is an amazing dish to eat as well as cook. I really love the aroma when it cooks. Just watching it cook is an experience in itself. You will feel hungry.

Chinese Shredded and Roasted Duck

Ingredients: One full duck, three pods of garlic, 25 gm root ginger, 250 gm onions, 150 gm spring onions, green chilli 20 gm, 1 table-spoon sesame oil, 2 teaspoon of Chinese five spice, vinegar and 500 ml water.

The method : Peel and chop the garlic into small pieces. Also half chop the green chilli. Chop the onions into very small pieces. Cut the Spring onions into long pieces, make sure to retain the green part.

Add all the chopped pieces and add one tea-spoon of Chinese five spice and vinegar. Let it season for 30 minutes. Take the duck and shred it with the help of kitchen knife and fork. You can also get it shredded when you buy it. Soak it in the vinegar and 1 tea-spoon of Chinese five spices for 30 minutes as well.

Heat your oven to 120 degrees. Take a large glass bowl and add the seasoned mix of veggies and add the sesame oil.Put it in the oven for 15 minutes. Then let the oven cool. Set the temperature now at 60 degrees. Add the seasoned duck on top and add water to touch half of duck. Put it in the oven and let it cook for five hours.

After five hours take the ingredient out and remove the veggies. Put the shredded chicken again back and cook at highest temperature for 5 minutes. Your shredded Chinese duck is ready. Garnish with some  Coriander leaves for the nice look.


Some great chicken preparation

Chicken is the most popular dish on the dinner table. Today I will be sharing some amazing quick recipes of chicken which I have tried with success in my home kitchen and some of them at the restaurant.

Chicken Meat

  • Grilled chicken cutlets with vegetables – This amazing recipe will help you get slimmer. All for that doctor advice to cut on chicken intake. Ingredients: Chicken cutlet, basil leaves, small tomatoes, pepper, salt, seasonal vegetables cut into small pieces and olive oil. The method: Grill some chicken after cutting them into round pieces. Heat a teaspoon of olive oil and add the cutlet. Add the vegetables and tomato and cook for 5 minutes. Garnish with chopped Basil leaves for aroma.
  • Yogurt Chicken : This preparation is easy to cook, digest easily and has divine taste. I serve it regularly at my restaurant and the customers love it. Ingredients: Chicken legs and breast, saffron, garlic and Ginger paste and yogurt and some olive oil. The method: Heat two table-spoon of olive oil for two minutes and add ginger garlic paste. Then add chicken and salt and cook. Add yogurt after 15 minutes cooking. Cook with yogurt for another 10 minutes and add Saffron as garnish. The color of the dish is golden-yellow and the taste is amazing.
  • Chicken with bread crumb roll – This is one economic dish and looks great. Just have to use the leftovers and a great dish is there. Ingredients: Chicken bits from left over from dinner, bread crumbs, home-made cheese, salt and onions and vegetable oil. The method: Heat vegetable oil and cook some grated onions. Add the chicken bits and cook just for 2 minutes. Your filling is ready. Make a roll out of bread crumbs and cheese. Pull in the filling and serve with sauce of your choice.